the start

I am so undecided about blogging.

In my journey towards disconnecting from technology I cannot help but feel I need a  platform. A platform to speak from. A platform to explore from. A platform to express myself from.

Lately I have had so many occurrences where I have thought *gee, I should right this down*. So many occurrences where friends have said to me *gee, you should write that down*. The funny thing is though that English was my worst subject in high school. That’s the thing about funny things; they’re often a load of bullshit. We go through high school doing the same subjects, going down the same path. Whether you were an English academic, Science academic or Artistic Student (notice my change in language), you do the subjects people tell you are good at and you stay on that path till one day you wake up at 32 years of age realise you don’t actually want to go to your tiny office space to stare at a fuzzy screen all day.

You want to create beautiful artwork, explore the world, make beautiful food with beautiful people, make everlasting memories that will make you smile even in the worst of time. How come we are not taught about values at school? How about compassion, self-respect and kindness? The most basic human characteristics that have seem to be bred out of our species over the centuries.

I need a platform to vent. But people think I’m crazy. Who even are these people?

I have had this blog site/name for about 6 months now. My reasons and values behind writing on a blog has shifted dramatically compared to the first time round. But really, the second time round is always different, right? But that’s for another day.

People dont appreciate that written word anymore. Everything is abbreviated, shorted and make into a colloquialism. I feel like I have been born in the wrong era.

However, I also feel like I am not the only one.

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