the restart

I feel like I have awoken.

Anyone who has experienced changes or difficulties in their mental health and well being would agree that it disconnects you from everything.

Disconnected from friends. From society. From myself. From life in general.

And the worst past of all is that no one knows. Know one understands what going on in your brain because everyone has been through different experiences and therefore empathise with you differently.

That’s why I’m demanding a restart.

A restart of this blog. A restart of my health. A restart in my thinking. A restart in the way I look at my life and journey.

I’m currently in my first year of uni. I had to move to the city and become independent almost overnight. A shock to the system really.

And I’m sure I’m not the only one. That’s why I have looked at this blog with fresh eyes. I want to help fellow students who are going through a rough time to feel and know they’re not alone. I want to provide support and a sense of community to those who are lonely and lost. I want Uni students and College students to know that in fact their mental health is immensely important to their overall health. That they don’t have to feel pressured to be someone or do thing they don’t want to. To not feel overwhelmed with all the expectation that is put on young adults nowadays.

I also want to provide basic information on how to survive being a student or young adult to the best of my ability. Information about healthy eating, about exercise, about socialising, partying and friends. About money, and goals, and travelling and dreams. About mental health and spirituality and community and passion. And most importantly, yet most difficult, about being your self and knowing that it is enough.

To be thrown in the deep end is tough, you cant see or touch the bottom. But with the right type of floaties you will be able to survive and get to safety.

Stay sane.

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