the plan

As fellow strugglers of mental health already know, getting out of bed and doing shit is hard. Especially when you are at Uni. Because no one cares and no one notices if you turn up or not.

I recently read another blogger’s post on their weekly goals, plans, etc. and found it quite amusing and inspiring. And if writing a blog post and posting it onto the web isn’t enough incentive to do shit this week, then I don’t know what is.

So here it is.

Uni shit:

  • Go to Uni on Monday, Tuesday (maybe), Thursday and Friday. Don’t be a slacker.

Work (kinda):

  • Finish the 3 T shirts
  • Draw more designs


  • Make sure breakfast is eaten everyday. Even though you tummy says no.
  • Cook a curry with mums homemade veg stock and all the sweet potatoes I’ve been accumulating.
  • Cook a stir-fry with the chilli jam I bought from the market this weekend.

Other stuff:

  • Finish book: The girl with the dragon tattoo – Stieg Larsson
  • Check out the new park and meditate
  • Listen to 1 Zencast or Tara Brach podcast a day
  • Book flight to Brisbane
  • Methyl Ethel concert on Wednesday night. Do that and have a hella time.

Looking at the week ahead can often be confronting. Even daunting. But really we forget the most important task of the week; self care. This is my true goal but also the hardest to accomplish and tick off the list. But I welcome each day with open arms and express gratitude for I am so incredibly lucky to be on this Earth.





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