the descend

For the past few years I feel like I have been on the descent. One bad thing after another, tumbling uncontrollably down the hill like a giddy child. Sinking deeper and deeper into the dark pits of the ocean as the pressure increases.

Have I finally reached the bottom? Am I sitting on the ocean floor yet? Ready to finally push off and swim to the surface? Of course not.

Life is like a fucking huge mountain. Your born on the summit; pure, innocent and close to sky, stars and universe. As we grow older we descend down the mountain; at a comfortable pace, one foot after the other, dodging the ditches and rocks and following the preexisting path. We come to a fork in the path and here lies the first decision that will lead us on the path that will be uniquely ours for the taking.

One day while on the path, you might accidentally fall into a chasm. It almost killed you. You down in the pit, stuck, broken and scared. You could have taken a wrong turn, could have tripped and fell into the chasm or perhaps you were looking in and fell accidentally. Doesn’t matter how you got there because your there now. No use complaining, because you got there yourself. No use blaming the mountain, because really its just a mountain. It’s not a good mountain, not an evil or bad mountain. It is an inanimate object that isn’t out to get you.

So now there is another decision in your path. Do you stay in the chasm, or do you climb out? It’s going to take a lot of effort and strength to physically pull yourself out. It might be icy and slippery, and on you first attempt you might fall back down. The rocks might be sharp and cut your hands, so you give them time to heal. You train, get strong. Till one day you pull yourself out. How long have I been down there?

You stare you path in the eyes. And you can clearly see all the chasms now, like you have super powers or night vision goggles but for chasms. You know where they hide. Who the hide behind. What they hide behind.

So now your wiser. A wise man walking down the mountain. Carefully placing one foot after another, being fully conscious of every step you take. Giving intention and life into every movement, as you know how restricted you were in the chasm. You know how it feels to have no freedom, so you embrace this new freedom. Feel the crisp breeze and snow beneath your toes. You are free.

via Daily Prompt: Descend

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